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Helping sustainable and regenerative initiatives gain the critical social licence to operate from local communities.

Building on established research and methodologies, we provide a data-driven accessible framework to help operators plan, manage and measure project acceptance, unwritten approval and trust.


Social licence refers to the ongoing approval the local community gives to a company or a project. It is the real or current perception of credibility, reliability and value of any initiative and is what gives legitimacy to operate beyond what is just legally allowed. 

We believe gaining Social Licence is a gateway issue that must be addressed for projects to succeed.





A Social Licence to Operate


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Our Services

SoLi Consult

Comprehensive services to help companies prepare, plan and define their engagement activities to establish their social licence to operate. 

Ongoing supporting services for risk mitigation and complex stakeholder management programs. 

SoLi Metrics

A digital dashboard that enables operators to manage, track and measure the ongoing level of acceptance, approval and trust gained with local stakeholders.  

ScoreCard assessment to visualise threats and opportunities and identify new and ongoing solutions for strengthening their social licence. 

SoLi Certified

Yearly certification of a company's social licence to operate. 

Demonstrating transparent, honest and ethical behaviour in their operations and the ongoing level of acceptance given by the local community. 

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